The competitive landscape in the cosmetic industry is heavily fragmented with numerous players trying to capture a fair amount of consumers mindshare. In this scenario a strong Brand identity and Brand Strategy can propel a company towards success. A similar study was therefore done for our client Arvind Laboratories, founded in 1930 and is one of the oldest Indian cosmetic manufacturer under their Brand EYETEX

We were approached by the Brand as they wanted to rework on their colour cometic - Dazzler Brand’s positioning under the current competitive landscape and redevelop the approach for their product packaging. The approach taken by us therefore explores understanding Brand strategy, brand promise and dissecting elements that can set it apart from its competitors. The packaging style and development therefore was developed to create a brand identity that can resonate with its target audience

Colours such as yellow was chosen as one of the product's primary colour to spark positivity and feeling of fun for their target consumer which is the youth of today

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